Web Artists' Rights Protection
Formerly know as Net Busters, WARP offers forms for reporting sites with improper linking procerdures and requesting link assistance. WARP does not deal directly with the individuals who are improperly linking to other people's graphics other than to informing the artist that their site is being improperly used and advise them of ways to protect their site. WARP gaurantees complete anonymity.
Netizens Protection Act of 1997
This site contains the information included in the anti-spam bill of 1997. What is and is not acceptable in mass electronic mails is presented clearly here for interested parties to use. This site also contains information detailing exactly how this bill came to be.
Bandwith Theive Beware, We Fight Back!
Bandwith Theives Beware offers several different downloadable banners that are quite humerous. These banners then become what the "bandwith theif" sees on their site instead of what they were stealing from yours. The site offers details on how to set up these clever anti-virtualtheft devices.
Let's Catch Them
Let's Catch Them offers information on why stealing bandwith is bad. They also give advice on what to do is someone is stealing from you and help is needed as soon as possible. This site is a great tool in the fight against graphic theives.
Grey Day
Grey Day is available to the user in almost every language. This site offers a bleak look at what the virtual-world would be like with no web graphics. Grey Day also offers several downloadable buttons to show your support for copyright infringement laws that are helping to keep the web a colorful place to live in.
WWW Problem
WWW Problem hosts an account of what it feels like to have your images stolen. Also, this site goes into how they tried to seek help against these crimes, and how they were given the brush off for their efforts. This account describes in detail how the virtual theiving problem is getting worse before it gets better.
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