Daily Stocks.com
Daily Stocks offers updates on trends in the stock market. It is easy to subscribe, just enter your e-mail address and your on your way to a fortune filled future.
Daily Web Site
Daily Web Site is devoted to highlighting a different site of the day every day of the year. Anyone can submit their site for a chance to be chosen as the daily site simply by visiting Daily Web Site and filling out the url. This is a great place to find new and interesting places to visit on the web.
Political Site of the Day
Political Site of the Day is dedicated to offering the public a new politically motivated site every day. Here anyone can learn of what is the current hot topic, or who is running for President and what their platform is. Political Site is great for people who want to stay informed.
Cool Site of the Day
This is the original site that started the daily site craze. Here you can vote on the cool site of the year, subscribe to the cool site of the day list, or submit you own site for a chance to be the cool site of the day.
Blocked Site of the Day
Blocked Site of the Day is a great tool for limiting the dangerous sites available on the web. Here a new site is listed that has been blocked by a major organization or committee each day. This is a great site for moms and dads.
Fun Site of the Day
Fun Site is great at finding the most silly, weird, humorous, amusing, and absurd sites for your surfing pleasure. Your sure to find a few laughs at each of our winners, picked daily.
Sports Site of the Night
Sports Site features a weekly mailing filled with all the information you will need to keep informed and up-to-the-minute on sports information. This site is easy to use, and also features different events, announcers, and historical facts on the main page.
Ed's Joke List
Ed's Joke List is a great site for the comic hearted users. Ed offers a choice of daily short and long lists, or even a subscription to both. His lists are filled with witty and tasteless jokes along with a humorous cartoon of the day.
Harsh Site of the Day
Harsh Site is presented by Sauza Tequilla. This site features horrorific pictures ranging from nudity to pythons. Harsh is not for the light hearted or weak willed.
The Daily Bikini Site
This site offers a daily bikini pick posted directly on the main page, no subscription required. It also offers links to dozens of other sites ranging from daily horoscopes to the finest in internet shopping.
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