This site gives an explanation of auto responders and allows you to view a demonstration of what their responders are like. Also they view responders as a great source of publicity ecause they handle requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week practically on auto-pilot. Autoreponders are a great communication tool!
Apex Mail
Apex Mail has one free auto responder per account, and the availablity of purchasing up to five. Auto responders are a excellent communications tool for community leaders, business executives and salespeople, the autoresponder automatically responds to incoming messages. This can save a great deal of time and resources when posting event schedules, FAQ's, or current price lists.
Auto Contacter
Autocontacter is a powerful client management system that is designed to easily and effectively manage your user base. It relieves you of all the daily drudgery of manual follow up so nothing falls through the cracks. Auto Contacter offers a free 10 day trial to show exactly how useful this product is!
Mail Loop
Mailloop is the complete Internet email, newsletter server, web form processor, bulk email, customer database, and autoresponder solution. All the software you need is included and integrated into a single application. Mail Loop is a great one time solution to all of your internet business needs.
Cuenet Interactive Internet Soulutions
Cuenet offers full service, professionally maintained Internet email servers, listservers, auto responders, and more for business, organizations, and individuals.
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