For a very long time NetAddress have been providing a web-based email service. Having been a member of their service I have found them easy to work with. You'll get all your basic email features plus anti-spam protection, extra security measures, and universal address book.
This online biz portal is quickly gaining in popularity by offering quality services such as free email, web hosting, and storefronts. The email supports html, folders, preferences, contacts, filters, and more.
The world's first web-based email provider Hotmail has set standards that others have tried to keep up with. With such a huge user base they are obviously well tested and functional. Hotmail now offers their email software in several languages including Japenese, French, Spanish, and more. Now owned by Microsoft they are continually developing new powerful tools for members to use.
Yahoo! Mail
Having used Yahoo! Mail, my own experience is that they have a top-notch email system which is very reliable. Offering their email in over 15 countries, they are competing with any other email service available. As with their directory they also host their email software on the highly touted Exodus servers which are world reknown for quality and high uptime. Yahoo bought out Rocketmail (Four11) for what I believe to be $92 million in stock (according to a story on CNET I found).
Excite Inbox!
Excite's latest email version allows you to receive voicemail, faxes, and email all in one. Other features include easy message sorting, planner, download attachments, save email draft, attach files, and color selector which allows you to make your email more personalized.
An email service by Snap! NBC which will allow you to use the same user ID and password with all of Snap's features including chat, message boards, portfolio, and more. You are given all the routine email functionality including file attachments, folders, and customized signatures, plus you'll find they have great anti-spam in place as well as quality support and help menus.
They have recieved high reviews from and other reliable email directories. This directory also agrees that they are one of the premium email services available. Notable features include attachments, POP3, autoresponders, spell checker, virus scan, forwarding, blocking, address book, folders, message filtering, signatures, preferences, password control, bookmarks, reminders, vacation replies, finger information, and account statistics.
Chek Mail
By partnering with many successful online and offline companies Chek has a great service to provide you. Having developed a state-of-the art email program wasn't enough. Check chose to approach big companies and setup email for them. Now you can choose from over a hundred domain names to get your email address using the same high quality Chek software.
EuroSeek mail
Offering language intelligence for European users so that you may use most special characters in European languages. Overall this is a pretty basic email system offering most of the basic tools that are standard on other email services.
GO Mail
GO Mail is offering 3 MB's of email storage plus access to other GO features such as the GO translator, organizer, e-cards, invite, and more. Overall the service of email seems to be a little rough in my opinion, however, you'll find the necessary tools to successfully launch your web email.
When I joined the signup process was really lagging in speed, not sure if this was just a bad day or something they truely need to work on. Once I joined I was very impressed with the site design and functionality. Taking advantage of their popular instant messanging service ICQMail will send you an ICQ message (optional) whenever you have new email in your inbox.
iWon Email
Powered by you can choose to have your email with either domain ( or Optional premium (pay) services are available if you are in need of lots of disk space. Unfortunately at present time it doesn't appear as you'll win anything by signing up for this email service. It seems odd that they haven't worked their popular contest for their search engine into their email as well.
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